Humans of PCC, an Interview with Matt Stockton

By Katie San Roman|June 5, 2018

Matt Stockton has been teaching at PCC since 2001 and became a full-time faculty member in 2010 and recently became the Faculty Department Chair of Philosophy and Psychology at the Sylvania Campus. He got his undergrad at University of Oregon

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How Do Students Spur Change? Pt 2

By Dom Belcastro|June 5, 2018

So you found a worthy organization, community group, or problem in your neighborhood in need of your time and energy. You know what PHB, NA, EPAP, and other messes of capital letters mean. You spent countless hours griping with others

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How Do Students Spur Change? PT 1

By Dom Belcastro|May 22, 2018

“What am I going to do with my life?”   Students of all ages and credit levels often ask this while they pursue a degree. The process of secondary education, in a perfect world, would definitively answer this question and

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Students Organize for Gun Control

By Dom Belcastro|March 25, 2018

Portland saw students of all ages as well as supportive parents, teachers, and other concerned individuals gather for the “March for Our Lives,” on Saturday morning, March 24.

Explicit Graphics in Pro-Life Protest at SY Stir up Controversy

By Jesse Maes|May 16, 2014

The imagery shown at an anti-abortion protest at Sylvania Campus on May the 13th has triggered a stream of controversy and hot debate about explicit graphics and free speech in public universities. Individuals identifying with “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust”

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Oregon Student Rally for Higher Education

By Anthony Robotham|April 23, 2013

Join the Oregon Student Association (OSA) and other Oregon public Universities in holding rallies and lobbying the legislature in making higher education more affordable and accessible. Rally Event: Thursday, April 25th 12:00pm at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. RSVP

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