What’s In Your Ballot?

By Delia Torres-Enciso|November 5, 2018

Five measures were in Oregon’s 2018 ballot that would decide things like grocery tax, public funds spent on abortions, and state resources used to apprehend persons violating immigration laws, to name a few. Although the number of measures on Oregon’s

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Uncle Tom’s Senator

By Juan Lacayo|May 22, 2018

According to the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet, John Verbeek believes that the Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution was “decisive progress on the fair way of individual political rights under limited government.” He isn’t wrong about that notion, though his

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Oregon Primaries Provide Hope

By Dom Belcastro|May 22, 2018

The relationship between people and politics in the US continues to warp as public figures expose their own corruption and depravity. At the same time, survivors, like the Parkland students and the women of Tarana Burke’s #metoo movement, organize against

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