Terms of Submission

The Bridge
Student Newspaper of Portland Community College

Author Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights as a writer/photographer, and our rights as publishers.

By submitting an article, photograph, or other material to the bridge, you agree to the following:

1. The submission  remains your property under copyright law. You are free to reuse it in any manner you see fit.

2. You also agree to give The Bridge the right to display, print and otherwise desseminate your article, without receiving compensation.  The Bridge has no obligation to include the submission in its issues, or to run the article at a specific date.

3. The Bridge editorial staff has the right to edit your submission for grammar, space, accuracy and taste. You will be credited as the creator of the submission.

Your responsibilities as a writer:

1. You will only submit work you created.

2. You will strive for accuracy and fairness.


As a newspaper, The Bridge’s main goal will be to present news and opinions that affect or are of interest to the Portland Community College community.  Submissions are more likely to be accepted if they are written in a journalistic style, although exceptions can be made at the discretion of the editors.

While we have not adopted strict rules for The Bridge, guidance to what constitutes journalistic style can be found in many places, including the links below.

The Bridge prints poetry, and short short stories in cooperation with the Pointed Circle, a literary magazine based at Portland Community College. Please send poetry and short stories to the Pointed Circle for consideration. Journalism, opinion and news pieces can be submitted directly to us.

If you have specific questions, please send an email to thebridge@pcc.

Thank you for your interest in The Bridge. We look forward to reading your submission.

Editors, The Bridge.


(Updated 18 Sep 2017)